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Nova Scotia has the largest number of lighthouses in Canada, but none more historic or more picturesque than those of Richmond County.

Lighthouse Interpretative Centre

Lighthouse Interpretative Centre The first permanent settler to this area was a Louisburg fisherman who arrived in 1714. His descendents are the present day Samsons of the surrounding area. The major settlement of the region, however, occurred after the expulsion of the Acadians, in 1755. At that time, large numbers of Acadians settled these isolated areas, such as Little Anse and Samson’s Cove, to escape the torment of the British.

MapRugged in character and unchanged by time, these communities are an artist’s paradise. The tapestry of weather beaten shacks, stacked lobster traps and fishing nets, with boats anchored in small inlets, quickly takes one back to those earlier times. In the foreground of the scene, huge boulders lingering lazily, stand as monuments to the hardy souls who first called it home. Their descendents, to this day, continue to seek the bounties of the sea; forever struggling against
nature and the elements to eek out their existence.

The objective of this centre is to preserve this history and to share it with residents, distant relatives and visitors.

Come: Experience it with us!

Green Island lighthouseGREEN ISLAND LIGHTHOUSE
Established: 1865
Location: Green Island rises out of the Atlantic on the southeastern coast of Isle Madame.
Latitude: 45° 28″ 40′
Longitude: -60° 53″ 58′

Mouse IslandMOUSE ISLAND (connue comme Ile à souris)
Established: 1877
Location: Petit de Grat: established in 1877, this light was located off the southeast shore of Isle Madame, part of Petit de Grat Bay.
Note: Today only a light standard remains, and the island has eroded to a fraction of its former size.
Latitude: 45° 29″ 64′
-60° 57″ 24′

Marache PointMARACHE POINT (Also known as ARICHAT LIGHT)
Established: Residents established beacon 1849. Light built in 1851.
Location: Cap Auguet; located at the south entrance to Arichat Harbour, Isle Madame, the nearest town is Arichat. Follow Route 320 East to its end. Turn left. At a stop sign in Petit-de-Grat, turn right onto Lower Road. Turn left at Cape Auguet. Continue straight to the road’s end.
Latitude: 45° 28″ 52′
Longitude: -61° 2″ 5′

Established: 1872
Location: A crescent-shaped island running northwest/southeast at the mouth of Arichat Harbour, Isle Madame.
Latitude: 45° 30″ 12′
Longitude: -61° 3″ 19′

Crichton HeadCRICHTON HEAD (or Creighton)
Established: 1874
Location: Located at the western tip of Crichton Island just off West Arichat, Isle Madame.
Latitude: 45.5068
Longtitude: -61.1087

Established: 1884
Location: Located on the beach at Grandique Point. The lighthouse is easily accessible in the Lennox Passage Provincial Park, Isle Madame, on Route 320. Enter the park and follow the gravel road to the lighthouse.
Latitude: 45° 35″ 38′
Longitude: -61° 1″ 19′

Established: 1903
Location: Located at the east entrance to Bourgeois Inlet, River Bourgeois, the nearest town is River Bourgeois.
Latitude: 45° 37″ 32′
Longitude: -60° 56″ 50′

Established: 1883
Location: Located near the entrance to St. Peter’s Canal. Follow Route 4 into Battery Provincial Park. A paved road in the park leads to the lighthouse.
Latitude: 45° 38″ 55′
Longitude: -60° 51″ 58′

Established: 1884
Location: Located at St. Peter’s Inlet, Cape Breton. The grounds are open to the public but are accessible only by boat. . It is still an active aid to navigation.
Latitude: 45.7105
Longitude: -60.7938

Cape George HarbourCAPE GEORGE HARBOUR (also known as ST. PETER’S LIGHT)
Established: 1875
Location: From Route 4 in St. Peter’s, look for a sign that says “Bras d’Or Lighthouse Campground.” Turn right on this dirt road and follow to a parking area. The lighthouse can be seen after a hike over a hill.
Latitude: 45° 44″ 5′
Longitude: -60° 48″ 36′

Established: 1907
Location: Fleur de Lis Trail. The station is accessible from a breakwater near a fishing wharf and cemetery at South Fourchu. The hike is relatively rugged.
Latitude: 45° 43″ 3′
Longitude: -60° 13″ 47′

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