Welcome to Green Island Lighthouse and the communities of Little Anse/Samson Cove.

The first permanent settler to this area was a Louisburg fisherman who arrived in 1714. His descendents are the present day Samsons of the surrounding area. The major settlement of the region, however, occurred after the expulsion of the Acadians, in 1755. At that time, large numbers of Acadians settled these isolated areas, such as Little Anse and Samson’s Cove, to escape the torment of the British.

Rugged in character and unchanged by time, these communities are an artist’s paradise. The tapestry of weather beaten shacks, stacked lobster traps and fishing nets, with boats anchored in small inlets, quickly takes one back to those earlier times. In the foreground of the scene, huge boulders lingering lazily, stand as monuments to the hardy souls who first called it home. Their descendents, to this day, continue to seek the bounties of the sea; forever struggling against nature and the elements to eek out their existence.

We invite you to visit us here at the Interpretitive to learn more about the Green Island Lighthouse, Little Anse/Samson’s Cove, the Wreck of the Arrow, and of course the wonderful people past and present. The objective of this centre is to preserve this history and to share it with residents, distant relatives and visitors. Come: Experience it with us!